CSL Statement on Chauvin Verdict

To our communities in the United States of America, we extend our compassion as many take in the meaning, relief, and complex emotions that follow on the Derek Chauvin trial verdict.  As a result of worldwide protests following George Floyd’s death, this moment is significant beyond one nation, touching on the common hope from countries across the globe for accountability and meaningful steps toward healing.  And we grieve with the Floyd family, understanding that a verdict does not take away the pain of their loss.
Tuesday’s verdict represents a small but significant step in healing the consciousness that has brought us to where we are, and it points to the work ahead of us to dissolve bias, inequity, and injustice so that our world may indeed work for all.
We know that love is still the most powerful energy in the universe. As one of the many names of the Divine, we invoke Divine Love to keep our thoughts, actions, and words rooted in our Oneness so that as a human race, we come to embrace a new reality where racial equity and social justice are the operating norms in society.
We understand that when we stand for the dignity and safety of others, we ourselves come to a deeper understanding of our Oneness and shared sacred heritage. We have faith that the consciousness of Oneness we are calling in is what transforms the unjust into the just, separation into unity, and empowers each of us to co-create safe and healthy communities for all. 
Rev. Edward Viljoen, DD (hon.), Spiritual Leader, CSL
Rev. Masando Hiraoka, Chair, Spiritually Motivated Social Engagement  Cmte.
Rev. D. Jaqueline Edwards SMSE
Rev. Cindy Grimes, SMSE
Ayodele Mcclenney, RScP. Leadership Council
Rev. Martha Quintana, Global Services CSL