CSL Statement of Solidarity with Asian and Pacific Islanders Communities Worldwide

The more the world arms for war, the more certain it is that there will be war.
Eventually we shall understand that all human bondage
is an invention of ignorance.
Science of Mind p 107 as quoted in Essential Ernest Holmes, p 167

We acknowledge that violence against Asian and Pacific Islander communities has risen worldwide. We acknowledge the pain, trauma, and fear other communities worldwide may be experiencing as they become aware of the violence occurring in the Asian and Pacific Island communities. For this reason, we offer a call to spiritually motivated social action and invite you to join in solidarity with these communities. To promote understanding, tolerance, and compassion, we offer the resources below as starting points for all who seek to learn more. Furthermore, we offer this statement and spiritual mind treatment written by Rev. Masando Hiraoka. We are grateful for all the hearts who are called to read and share this statement and recognize that, at the very least, the simple act of reading this statement and prayer is an act of resilience, love, and hope. Those who feel called to add their voice are invited to do so with a prayer of their own or request prayer from our World Ministry of Prayer.

From our colleague, Rev. Masando Hiraoka:
On Wednesday morning, we awoke to news of the largest mass shooting in the United States since the pandemic began. Eight people were shot and killed in three different locations, with seven of those being women and six of those seven being AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander). While the shooter’s full motive is still being investigated, we recognize the intersectionality of sexism, misogyny, and racism present in these murders. It must also be noted that this tragedy occurred on the same day that a report was released showing a 150% rise in hate crimes against AAPI, and more than 3800 incidents in the past year alone. Fear and trauma in the AAPI community are very present right now and as an organization that believes in Oneness and holds a vision of peace and human dignity for all, we stand in solidarity with the AAPI community and speak this prayer for the families that are mourning, and more healing of the racism and violence that create suffering in our world.

Spiritual Mind Treatment by Rev. Masando Hiraoka:
We come to the present moment in a place of sadness and mourning, of confusion and anger, and come to know that in the midst of tragedy, in the midst of these natural responses to tragedy and violence, the presence of the Living Spirit, the Divine is still fully here, at the center of our being, providing a healing balm and a place where both grief and the healing that comes with that grief lives, moves and has its being. We know this same healing energy is present for the families that have been directly affected by this tragedy, and we too know that the love we feel for our fellow AAPI brothers and sisters that are experiencing the collective trauma of this incident permeates out and surrounds and enfolds their hearts and minds. It is through this love and through the recognition of our Oneness, that we also stand and mourn in solidarity with the AAPI community and the trauma they’ve experienced in the past year since the pandemic began. We hold a place of safety, of strength, and of commitment to ensuring and upholding the safety and peace of all, giving special attention to our AAPI friends right now. 
And it is from this space we extend this prayer to our country and to the world, holding a place of healing from the ravages of separation, racism, misogyny, and the mindless acts that are birthed from hate and power over another. We hold a space for the collective healing that is being called forth from each one of us in this sacred time we are sharing on the planet together, allowing our hearts to build bridges of understanding, of greater awareness, and of the mending of all our relations. We know this work is God’s work, and so take refuge in remembering that this healing is being supported by a power greater than ourselves, with each breath, with each tear, with each rush of anger, or swirl of confusion, we rest in the knowing that healing is happening within us and around us. 
And as we rest into that space, where grief, healing, and coming together can all take place at once, we give thanks for the heart-breaking that eventually settles into heart-opening, we give thanks for the ways in which our own hearts are able to be moved, and moved into an active inspiration to stand for one another.

With love, with heartbreak, with togetherness, we say, Amen, And so it is.
A coalition of nonprofits, organizers, and educators committed to addressing this issue. Resources to learn, take action, and join the cause to #StopAsianHate https://stopaapihate.org

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Spiritually Motivated Social Engagement Committee
Dr. Edward Viljoen, Spiritual Leader
Rev. Masando Hiraoka
Rev. D. Jaqueline Edwards
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