A Prayer in Response to the Terrorism Against Muslims in Christchurch

From the CSL Home Office in Golden, Colorado

A prayer in response to the terrorism against Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand:

This morning I speak these words in sadness. Feeling a sense of brokenness and confusion that such devastation and cruelty could occur. That someone could take the gift of life and use it to destroy the lives of others because of such complete lack of awareness and connection. I refuse to turn my head from hatred and choose to look it in the eye in full knowledge that hatred always pales in comparison with love. The love of life that binds us inward and expresses through the beautiful uniqueness of all souls, all nations and all faiths.

I pray that those families who were shattered by such delirious violence are touched by this love—by the outpouring of support and reminders of the good and caring nature of humanity. Although we cannot take their anguish away, I pray for moments of grace and a sense of inseparable connection with their dear lost ones.

I pray that those who teeter upon ideologies of bigotry and division step back and realize that this thinking does not lead to victory for anyone, and is an evil not created by God, but born of the ignorance of humanity.

I wholeheartedly believe in an ideology that celebrates our unity and diversity. That values listening and collaboration. That embraces integrity and honesty. And stands up to hate not only in its naked worst but in its hiding places.

May all beings know peace. May all beings know love. May all beings on this day hear the call to step into higher consciousness and a way of being for themselves, and for all. And so it is. Amen.

Written by Rev Josh Reeves, Co-Senior Minister, MileHi Church, Denver CO

Parliament of the World’s Religions response

Sent from Dr Kenn Gordon and the SMSE Committee